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Ultraviolette Automotive raises investment from GoFrugal Technologies

Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd., an innovator in high performance, future ready electric  mobility, today announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in its latest investment round (Series B),  from Kumar Vembu, CEO of GoFrugal Technologies. Kumar Vembu, who has been an early investor in the company during the Series A funding has joined this round of investment along with TVS Motors to support Ultraviolette Automotive’s vision of transforming the future of electric mobility in the country.

Ultraviolette Automotive’s maiden mobility solution – the F77, is India’s first high performance electric motorcycle that has been designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Built indigenously from the ground up, with principles used in the aviation industry, the F77 is an inherently powerful, efficient and intelligent vehicle, integrated with revolutionary design and technology that completely redefines the identity for electric vehicles in India. The pre-production version of the F77 was unveiled less than a year ago, and the company is now gearing up towards launching the motorcycle in the market.

Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd., is an innovator in high performance, future ready electric mobility. Established in 2016, Ultraviolette Automotive was founded by Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan. The company was born out of the unique vision of creating top-of-the line mobility solutions that’s driven by progressive design and energy efficient technology. Ultraviolette Automotive is developing India’s first ecosystem of high performance electric vehicles.

As the country moves towards smarter and sustainable transportation solutions, Ultraviolette Automotive is playing an distinct role in shaping the perception of electric vehicles, and consequently driving its adoption in India. The F77 is an evocative and compelling mobility alternative for consumers in India and since the unveiling, the company has made significant progress towards launching the motorcycle in the market. We see immense promise in Ultraviolette Automotive’s vision of building high performance electric mobility solutions and leading the movement in transforming the future of mobility in the country.” said Kumar Vembu, CEO, GoFrugal Technologies.

“Kumar Vembu has been a long standing partner in our journey towards building a superior EV experience in India and we are thrilled about his continued support in this round of investment as well. At Ultraviolette Automotive, our ambition has always been to create a visible and tangible impact in the personal mobility industry, by developing products and solutions that are indigenously built, technologically disruptive and that reflects the unlimited potential for innovation across every aspect of design engineering. The F77 is rooted in this philosophy and our objective has been to create a completely new identity for electric vehicles. Our goal is to help influence our country and in due course of time, the world towards a smarter and more energy efficient future and we will continue to push our boundaries on this front. Kumar Vembu’s investment comes at a great time as we work towards launching our motorcycle in the market and we look forward to a long-term association with him.” said Narayan Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd. 

A key area that Ultraviolette Automotive has significantly invested in is battery technology for Indian Conditions. Over the last 3 years, the company has developed battery packs from scratch, to accommodate highest energy and power density globally and has filed several patents especially on the safety and thermal management aspects.

Backed by a team of strategic investors such as TVS Motor Company, GoFrugal Technologies and Speciale Invest – another early investor in the company, Ultraviolette Automotive is looking to scale-up its operations in the immediate future by way of expanding the team, investing further in R&D and building manufacturing capabilities.

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