Land Rover Defender Prices leaked. Starts@Rs.73.98 lakh
October 15, 2020
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October 19, 2020

New Land Rover Defender launched at Rs.73.98 lakh

Offered with a 2.0 l (litre) Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 221 kW (300PS) and 400 Nm of torque, the New Defender is available in two distinct body styles, the very sporty 90 (3 door) and the versatile 110 (5 door). The New Defender 90 is priced from Rs. 73.98 Lakh and the New Defender 110 is priced from Rs. 79.94 Lakh(ex-showroom India)

Jaguar Land Rover India, today announced the launch of the New Land Rover Defender in India. Offered with a 2.0 l (litre) Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 221 kW (300PS) and 400 Nm of torque, the New Defender is available in two distinct body styles, the very sporty 90 (3 door) and the versatile 110 (5 door). The New Defender 90 is priced from ₹ 73.98 Lakh and the New Defender 110 is priced from ₹ 79.94 Lakh(ex-showroom India). Deliveries of Defender110 have now begun while deliveries of Defender 90 will commence from Q1 of FY 2021.

Defender is the most capable Land Rover yet. There are options to choose either a 90 or 110 body design, both of which are world-class experts, off and on-road. With up to six seats in the 90 and the option of a third row with 5+2 seats in 110. There are five models – Defender, S, SE, HSE and
First Edition – and four Accessory Packs, each with a distinctive character.

Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd launching Land Rover Defender. Seen on the right is Mandira Bedi

“So far, under Land Rover, we had the Discovery product pillar and Range Rover product pillar available in India. With this launch, the third product pillar, Defender, is now available. This, in many ways, completes the Land Rover brand story and we are very excited about expanding the reach and appeal of Land Rover amongst our customer base. The New Defender will make its place in the hearts of many people with a curious mind, love for authentic adventures, passion for travel and who dare & wish to go above and beyond in life. Such individuals transcend barriers of age, gender, profession, with their free spirited nature and fearlessness, just like the New Defender,” said Rohit Suri, President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd.

1.2 million km of on and off-road drives. 45 000 individual tests. From +50 to -40 degrees celsius. Crossing the dunes of Dubai to sweeping down the straights of the Nürburgring. Land Rover conducted altitude tests, drenched Defender in 85,000 l of dyed water in our monsoon facility and engineered
its tyres to withstand greater impact.

Defender 90

Commanding. Off and on-road. The system intelligently controls torque distribution between the front and rear axle. On challenging surfaces, such as sand, grass or snow, torque can be balanced between the front and rear wheels to maximise traction. In extreme conditions, where the front or
rear wheels lose traction, up to 100 percent of engine torque can be distributed to the opposite axle for optimum grip. The AWD system combines with Electronic Traction Control (ETC) to deliver a sure-footed driving experience in even the most challenging situations.

An additional set of lower gears can prove invaluable in challenging conditions such as steep inclines or declines, off-road driving or when towing.

The coil sprung suspension system combines double wishbones at the front with an advanced multi-link rear suspension, to create an agile and responsive chassis. A comfortable and capable drive is ensured by Electronic Air Suspension. Select from an access height of 40 mm below normal ride height, to an extended height of up to 75 mm. For extreme off-road conditions, a further extended ride height of 70 mm is available. Even across unsteady surfaces it provides exceptional wheel articulation and poise.

On or off-road. In ice, rain or snow. The optional Electronic Active differential ensures the greatest level of traction. It does so by controlling the slip between the left and right wheels on the rear axle, helping to deliver effortless capability. Not only that, it’s far more effective than brakes when traction is lost, reacting much faster and with a smoother response.

Thanks to a world-first in Terrain Response, you can now individually configure Defender’s powertrain, steering, differentials and traction control settings. This means you can go beyond – be it the Siberian tundra, or rock crawling in Moab. So, get behind the wheel and discover what you’re truly capable of. *Only available as part of a pack.

This vehicle is for those who aren’t afraid to get out and live the way they want to live. Our unique Terrain Response systems enable the driver to optimise the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, centre differential and chassis systems to match the demands of the terrain. The optional Terrain Response 21 takes the capabilities of our award-winning system to a new
level. It features an automatic setting which monitors the terrain and systematically selects the most suitable setting.

All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) is a state-of-the-art optional system. It enables you to set and maintain a steady speed in challenging conditions such as slippery surfaces, including mud, wet grass, ice, snow and dirt roads. Operating like a conventional cruise control system, it functions between 1.8 km/h and 30 km/h, enabling you to maintain full concentration on the terrain ahead.

Difficult slopes? You needn’t worry. Hill Descent Control (HDC) assists you with tricky descents by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel. Hill Launch Assist ensures the vehicle doesn’t roll backwards as it pulls away on an incline. The vehicle also utilises Gradient Release Control, which is designed to prevent the vehicle accelerating too quickly on a steep incline when the driver releases the brake.

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected challenges our way. That’s why Defender has a wading depth of 900 mm, so crossing water need not be one of them. The Wade Program in Terrain Response raises the vehicle using Electronic Air Suspension. Unique to Land Rover, a 3D Surround Camera with Wade Sensing uses ultrasonic sensors in the door mirrors to visually and audibly alert you if the water approaches the vehicle’s maximum wading depth.

Whatever you take. Wherever it is you decide to go. Defender’s 3500 kg towing capability means it can readily respond to the most challenging demands. Combined with this is the optional Advanced Tow Assist*, which allows you to reverse a trailer while Defender takes care of the countersteering. The Touchscreen will also display both the current
and desired trailer trajectory.

Pulling power and sheer strength are demonstrated with the Remote Control Electric Winch* accessory. This has a maximum pulling force of 4 536 kg and can be operated up to 45 m away. It’s the kind of no-nonsense practicality you need, say, when you’re in the middle of the forest.
Learn how to check, prepare, maintain and use a winch at one of our Experience Centres.


Because technology shouldn’t be complicated. Pivi Pro is our most intuitive infotainment system ever. It features an at-a-glance layout that enables you to carry out frequent tasks and use commonly accessed features on the home screen, including navigation, phone and media. You can easily
customise the layout and add additional information or features.

Presents key vehicle data, including speed, gear position and navigation directions, on the windscreen. It features crystal-clear, full-colour high-resolution graphics, enabling you to see all information with ease, including off-road driving information such as incline and camber angles.

Entertained. Informed. Connected. Pivi Pro features a 31.24 cm (12.3) high-definition Interactive Driver Display2. It can display a wide range of relevant information, entertainment and driver assistance data, including full-screen 3D map-view navigation, phone and media. Not only that, its refined processing engine delivers smooth-moving, pin-sharp graphics.

Middle of the concrete jungle. Middle of nowhere. Defender’s navigation system ensures you’re always in touch with the rest of the world. It uses machine learning to adapt guidance based on your familiarity with the roads and the real-time traffic conditions. Dynamic route assistance will even propose an alternative route if a faster one becomes available.
Pivi Pro’s new voice guidance system automatically turns voice on/off depending on your familiarity with the route. And, what’s more? Thanks to regular automatic map downloads, the maps are always up to date.

Smartphone Pack
Allows vehicle optimised apps on your smartphone to be controlled through the Touchscreen, including your contacts, calendar and music player.
Wireless Device Charging
Packaged into the centre console, in front of the armrests and behind the cupholders, you can easily charge your smartphone without having to plug it in.
Software Updates
Defender stays up to date through Software Updates. The vehicle’s infotainment, telematics and various control modules can all be updated remotely to help ensure optimal performance.
Secure Tracker
It’s something we hope you never need to use, but in the event of theft, the optional Secure Tracker helps locate your vehicle. A theft alert will be sent within minutes to the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre if an attempt is made to drive the vehicle with non-authorised keys.

The Remote app provides information on Land Rover Defender, enabling you to interact with it even when you are not with your vehicle. Compatible with most smartphones and smartwatches, this service includes:
Remote Lock/Unlock
Remote Climate
Journey Tracking
Vehicle Status Check
Land Rover Optimised Assistance
SOS Emergency Call

Defender features all-round exterior LED lighting as standard. LED lights are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and are more fuel-efficient as they use less energy. The quality of light produced is closer to daylight conditions, so driving at night becomes less tiring. Premium LED headlights feature the distinct exterior graphic of the signature Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and twice as many LEDs as the standard unit. This increases the light output so you can see even better in the dark.
Matrix LED headlights* with signature DRL enable an Adaptive Driving Beam. By splitting the main beam into vertical strips, the adaptive beam maximises the number of high beam sections for ultimate visibility, while casting a shadow over oncoming traffic to help to prevent dazzling. The adaptive beam is also able to optimise the light distribution to suit the driving conditions of town, country, motorway or bad weather.

Thick forest terrain. The odd bough and boulder scattered across the muddy track. How do you get through with greater confidence?
Available as part of the 3D Surround Camera system, ClearSight Ground View gives you the added benefit of being able to ‘see through’ the bonnet – giving you confidence when manoeuvring around any obstacles. Even bollards in the city. This feature displays a camera view of the front underside of the vehicle on the large central Touchscreen –
in normal circumstances, this area would be invisible to the driver.

Whatever your musical tastes, you’ll feel more with one of our sound systems. There are three to choose from: Defender’s six-speaker system delivers rich bass notes and crystal-clear highs. With 10 speakers and a subwoofer, the Meridian Sound System1 (400 W) delivers exceptional
definition. Whilst the Meridian Surround Sound System2 (700 W) with 14 speakers and a subwoofer envelops you in the clearest, most engaging and authentic sound. ]

Relax. Even in heavy traffic. Land Rover Defender has been built using Land Rover’s advanced technologies and driver assistance features. The more you use them, the more you’ll find they don’t take over your
drive, they simply help take the stress out of it – that’s got to be good. All the following are standard:
A comprehensive system of six airbags including driver and passenger airbags, side curtain and thorax airbags to help protect occupants.
Cruise Control and Speed Limiter allows you to maintain the current speed of the vehicle without the need to continually use the accelerator pedal.
Driver Condition Monitor detects when you’re starting to feel drowsy and gives an early warning to take a break.

Wade Sensing uses ultrasonic sensors in the door mirrors to provide real-time pictorial information about the water depth when wading. The system lets you know when water levels are near the 900 mm maximum wading depth.
360° Parking Aid gives you complete confidence when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Sensors located around the vehicle are automatically triggered when Reverse is selected, or can be manually activated, with a graphic appearing on the Touchscreen showing an overhead view of the vehicle.
3D Surround Camera helps you see more around the vehicle. 3D exterior perspectives alongside a 360° overhead view make manoeuvring easier, while off-road views including the innovative
ClearSight Ground View provide you with greater clarity when scaling various terrains. (3D Surround Camera also includes Wade Sensing and ClearSight Ground View).

Colour Options

Prices of the Defender Variants


Allowing customers to explore unlimited possibilities, the New Defender offers choice from among 170 individual accessories and four distinct Accessory packs, including:

  • Explorer Pack: It’s equipped with features such as the Expedition Roof Rack, a Raised Air Intake to wade through the deepest of waters, Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier to store items, Wheel Arch Protection, Front & Rear Classic Mudflaps, Spare Wheel Cover, and Matte Black Bonnet detail that makes it ideal for those who want to defy conventions and conquer uncharted landscapes.
  • Adventure Pack: Designed to equip you for the wild, the pack features an Integrated Air Compressor to inflate tyres on the go, Portable Rinse System to wash off while you are on the trail, an Exterior Side Mounted Gear Carrier and a Seat Backpack to store items, Front and Rear Mudflaps, Bright Rear Scuff plate and a Spare Wheel cover.
  • Country Pack: With Front & Rear Classic Mudflaps, Bright Rear Scuff Plate, Portable Rinse System, Wheel Arch Protection and Loadspace Partition, it equips you when you decide to embrace the elements and make every journey truly memorable.
  • Urban Pack: It lends touches of individuality for your vehicle with the use of Bright Metal Pedals and Rear Scuff Plate, Front Undershield and a Spare Wheel Cover.

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