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September 18, 2019
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September 26, 2019

GAG Engineering: Strong as Steel!

Managing director of GAG Engineering with his father and director P A M Ignatious infront of his collection of luxuary cars like Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes Bez E Class and Innova Crysta

When it comes to steel structural building construction and Interior designing, one name stands above the rest prominently, and that is GAG Engineering Pvt ltd headed by a diehard vehicle enthusiast, Mr. Gean Pallichan Ignatius. Read on to know more about the enterprising Managing director of the company,  Mr Gean and his successful venture.

Text: J Binduraj Photos: Akhil Appu

Mr. P A M Ignatius, was well known as an ‘inventor’ among his superiors and co-workers of Tata Tea where he worked as an electronics consultant engineer. This was because he had developed quite a lot of innovative machineries that were used in the tea factory.  He replaced the old sacks that were used to store tea leaves with nylon tea bags that were more airy and would preserve its freshness. He also designed a stalk extractor that would remove the fibrous stalks from the plucked leaves. It so happens that his son Gean Pallichan Ignatius has been fortunate enough to inherit the innovative and enterprising mindset of his father, a fact that is clearly visible by the manner in which GAG Engineering Pvt. Ltd has attained its fair share of success in the industry. He has not just lead the company into becoming a prominent name in the field of steel structural engineering, but has also created  an interior designing firm by name of Dezintec as well as a building contracting company, Pallichan Engineers and contractors, all of which are doing superbly in the market. His father, Mr. P A M Ignatius who is the director the firm, supports, guides and encourages his son all along.

Managing director Gean Pallichan Ignatious

Like their interest in innovative inventions, the father-son duo also shares another thing in common – an acute interest in vehicles. While the father had chosen vehicles like Bullet 350, Rajdoot, Herald, Fiat, Ambassador, Maruti Omni, Mitsubishi Lancer, Skoda Laura, and Tata Sierra to travel, his son’s first vehicle was a Toyota Fortuner, that he brought once he started earning. From then on, the vehicles he brought were indicative of the success of his enterprise, GAG Engineering, as he steadily progressed into buying vehicles like Mahindra XUV 500, Innova Crysta, Mercedes Benz E class, and Range Rover Evoque.

Dezintec, a firm under GAG Engineering concentrates on interior designing

Another passion that they share is modification of vehicles. Right from his younger days, Gean had been witnessing the dismantling and remodelling of his father’s many vehicles. In fact, it was during those days that he too started developing a keen interest in cars. At one point, he had even got an old Tata Sierra of his father remodelled for his use.

A steel structural building being constructed by GAG Engineering for a Pharma firm in Kochi

The working sphere of GAG Engineering includes steel structural buildings, interior furnishing and refurbishing. They have an impressive clientele consisting of hospitals, banks, petrol pumps, showrooms, coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, and five star hotels. “Completing projects in a short period within an affordable budget is something we are particular about, and it is this policy of ours which has ensured us a place in the list of top trusted companies in Kerala”, says Gean Pallichan Ingatius. Following his engineering, Gean Pallichan Ignatius did his MBA in production, and started off his career with a Qatar based company, KBC Engineering, who were in the aluminium and steel construction field. He proved his mettle within a year, and very soon, he got promoted to higher posts, covering all areas from sales to marketing effectively. He took over their India operations from 2008 to 2011, and within eight years, had become the general manager of the company. But it was a journey back home, during that time that became instrumental in the birth of his own company, GAG Engineering.

Gean with his father Ignatious

During my tenure with KBC Engineering in Qatar, my company had provided me with cars for my use that included Honda Accord, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Ultima, etc. Hence there was no need for me to buy my own vehicle. It was on a trip to Kerala in 2013 that I brought a Toyota Fortuner for my personal use. I had intended to return to Qatar after spending a few days here, but situation willed otherwise. An Edappalli based businessman, Basheer had taken a space on lease with an intention of starting his automobile accessories shop. He felt that being a person experienced in the steel structural building arena, I could help him construct a building in a cost effective manner, and entrusted the job to me. In a short while, Automall in Edappally was constructed, following which a lot more enquiries started pouring in regarding this type of construction. This encouraged me to stay back in Kerala and start my own venture, GAG Engineering pvt. Ltd.”, says Gean Pallichan Ignatius.

One of the major reasons behind the success of GAG Engineering is its policy of 100 percent transparency in all its dealings. All their work sites are fitted with cc cameras and the work progress can be monitored anytime by not jut Gean or his staff, but also by the respective clients too. This has also enabled them to instruct site engineers accurately and complete projects on time.

A Tata Siera modified by Gean

Today, GAG Engineering is proudly executing more  than a hundred projects all over Kerala, and has a very impressive line-up of clients all over. All the five major projects commissioned by Kannan Devan Hills Plantations Pvt Ltd (KDHP) at Munnar were executed by GAG Engineering. These included their Chai Bazaar, Petrol Pump, Sales outlets, parking area etc. Again, their expertise has led them to design and execute the interiors of a lot of prominent dental clinics in Kerala ranging from Ananthapuri dental clinic to  Dr. Kurians Dental Clinic. They have also constructed steel structural buildings for companies like T S Pharma, Mohan Pharma, Rahul Pharma, Taj Group, ITC Hotel, L&T, Carborandum Universal Ltd, Bharat Petroleum etc. It is to their credit that this company has enlisted the services of an efficient workforce that consists of 370 members include expert engineers, technicians, and other employees. On a futuristic note, Gean aim is to create an enterprise with a workforce of 2000 employees in the near future.

“GAG Engineering undertakes all types of work related to construction of a building, namely those related to architecture, civil engineering, metal fabrication, road works, carpentry, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, refurbishing, home and office automation work, etc. We have also specialized in an app called Texaconnect through which people can easily control the functioning of switches in the switchboard of their homes or offices, online. Through this, they can control the switches  in their homes and offices through their smartphones”, says Gean Pallichan. Steel structural buildings have a lot of pros when compared to the traditionally constructed concrete counterparts.  The main plus point is that these type of buildings can be constructed in a very short period in a totally cost effective manner too. Moreover, another positive feature is that these buildings can be easily taken apart and re-constructed in any other piece of land if so required. The only things which gets destroyed in the process are the concrete on top of the steel floor base and the tiles.

A Petrol pump constructed by GAG

After getting fabricated from the factory, these steel structures are transported to the site, where they get assembled under the watchful eyes of expert technicians within a period of three to four days. They have proved to be so strong to even withstand typhoons and earthquakes. These structures are also not destroyed like wood. GAG Engineering is also getting ready to construct houses in this manner. Gean’s brother Gijin, a computer engineer who had been into bike racing and fashion modelling,  now runs a company called Doid Interiors, along with his wife, Sruthi. Their mother, Lissy Ignatius has had an illustrious career spanning ten years as a manager at the Lions English Medium School, Munnar, playing a prominent role in bringing the school from a lower place in the graph to an institution of eminence that it is today.

As part of his job, Gean Pallichan Ignatius has travelled extensively through most countries in Asia. It is to his credit that on these journeys, he has always focused on learning new things keeping himself up to date on that would help in the construction and interior decoration sectors that he specializes in.  “ We believe in completing all the work within a building before handing it over to the client. In short, the only work left for the client would be to just move in with his clothing”, says Gean.

This enterprising man often works late into the night, and the only company he has till then would be his trusted vehicles on which he moves around. You can never see his Mercedes Benz or Range Rover Evoke or Innova Crysta parked for long in front of the office. They would always be on the go from one site to another, taking their busy owner safely to various destinations.

20A, Jupiter, Trintiy World
Chittethukara, Kakkanad
Mob.: 98950 72797
Email: gean@gagepl.com,

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